SCX10 Ftoy

I’ve always liked the F-toys, and since my current SCX was in dire need of an overhaul, I decided to finally build one of these.

I got my inspiration from the Hendrix site, and after some measurements I was ready to get started.

This is my donor truck (for now). I enjoy this truck way too much to ditch it, so I’m just “borrowing” the running gear for this build, and overhauling it at the same time:


The first thing I wanted to do was set the scale. I wanted this to be running 37″ tires. My 1.9 Pitbulls are 4.3″ so that means a scale of 1:8.6. This actually worked out well with many of the SCX measurements, but I’m sure many will say the chassis is too big. We’ll see.

Some say laying out tubework in CAD is a waste of time, but I disagree. I think it gives me a feel for the truck, as well as letting me make fixtures easily. These were taken early in the design, but you can already see one of the fixtures modeled in.



I thought the F-Toy would be an easy chassis to make. It’s pretty darn ugly with all the straight lines, and simple bends. That’s where it’s kind of deceiving though because if anything is crooked, it stands out like a sore thumb

This is the first fixture I made. Pretty simple but very handy with keeping the roof line straight. One I feel is the most important.


I wish I had taken more pictures of this going together, but I actually didn’t plan on doing a build thread.

It’s pretty simple though to see what it does. It’s just two 3/16″ grooves cut with a ball-end endmill. The height sets it to sit properly on the side rails.

Another great thing about modeling in CAD first is all the .pdf files you can print out.

I originally ordered about 100′ of 4130. Of course once it showed up, I found about 50′ of 1010 that I had stashed away…I’m such a spaz with that and it drives me crazy. Anyway, this chassis will be 1010, 3/16″ tube:


In the picture above, you can see the side fixture from the CAD image. Here it is on it’s own:


And here it is in use. I know this has already been put together, but figured it might help if you had a picture of it.


Like I said, I wish I took more pictures while building, but here it is as it sits now. I had one small goof while putting it together, but I’m pretty happy with how straight everything turned out:

DSC_0065_zps0fde4f4e DSC_0066_zps205fc79e DSC_0067_zpscc0283a6

I also took the wheels off of the donor to get an idea of the scale. Personally, I like it. I know the tires may look small to some, but it’s actually the look I was going for:

DSC_0072_zpse7974d03 DSC_0073_zps918c5fd3